Lofoten offers many activities both in summer and winter.
Here is a small sample of what you can experience.

sportsfiske i lofoten

Sport fishing in the Lofoten Islands

We have adapted for anglers who want to get to the Lofoten Islands to fish.

Read more about the rental boat

nordlys i lofoten

Would you like to experience the magical northern lights

From mid-September to mid-April, we have the ability to see the northern lights dance across the sky.

fjelltur lofoten

Mountain tours

Hiking in the mountains would provide a magnificent view of the sea and the archipelago.

Many of the trips are family friendly, while others are more demanding.

fisketur i lofoten

Fishing on the Sea

Do you dream of getting a realy big fish on the hook?

We have boat rentals and can make the dream a reality and fish surrounded by high mountains, white-tailed eagle and a fantastic light.

kajakk i lofoten

Sea Kayak

Find your own paradise on one of several hundred islands in Lofoten.

The Lofoten coastline offers wonderful adventures in scenic settings, whether you go alone or on an organised tour with a local guide.

golf i lofoten


In the summer you can play golf all day and all night, and if you are lucky you may be accompanied by the midnight sun.

Lofoten Golf Links’ 9 hole course is magnificently situated on the far side of the island of Gimsøya, surrounded by sea, mountains and charming beaches.

rafting i lofoten


A number of businesses offer RIB-safari. A wonderful experience, and if you are lucky you might even spot eagels and whales. 

sykkel i lofoten


Make the most of the wonderful scenery from the seat of a bicycle.

You can hire a bike here and explore the countryside in and around Svolvær and Kabelvåg.

dykking i lofoten


Lofoten is considered one of the world’s best areas for divers. There are steep underwater walls, caves, underwater plateaux, seaweed forests, shipwrecks and excellent scope for current diving.

Cod, anglerfish, flatfish and wolffish are just some of what can be found in the waters around Lofoten.


Killer Whale Safaris

From mid October to early February the Vestfjord is visited by hundreds of killer whales.

A number of local tour operators take guests out to see these impressive animals, and the boldest among them are also given the opportunity of snorkelling in a dry suit together with the whales.



Connects you surfing with the warm and tropical climate? At Unstad, there have been surfed since 1963. In 1999, the surf film E2K with surfers as Sam Lamiroy and Spencer Hargraves filmed there.

Horse Riding

Horse riding

In Lofoten, and there are several players that offer horse-riding tours of varying length and degree of difficulty throughout the year.

What about a midnight sun ride?

Midnight sun

The midnight sun

The midnight sun is a phenomenon that occurs in the areas north of the Arctic circle. The midnight sun is the same sun as you see during the day time in summer. It just stays above the horizon all day and night.