Experience Lofoten Fishery

Sport fishing in Lofoten is an unforgettable experience. Lofoten is famous for the annual "Lofotfiske" in the winter and the Lofot Skrei, though this is just one side of what the region has to offer. Lofoten offers good opportunities for catching several types of fish, both at sea and in the mountains. 
We have designed our facilities specifically for sport fishing and fishing at sea, with boats that are suited for fishing in all four seasons. 
We have a pier with benches for gutting and filleting your catch as well as holding capacity in freezers. Our unique location allows you to walk directly from your room to your boat, and you'll be out fishing in no time. Take a look at our boats here! 
These are seasons for some common types of fish:
  • Wolffish – all year
  • Cod/Coastal cod - all year
  • Cusk – all year
  • Pollock - all year
  • Haddock - all year
  • Redfish – all year
  • Halibut – may to october
  • Skrei – mid january to april

The Lofotcup and the World Championship of Skrei Fishing

Since 1991 the Lofotcup and the World Championship of Skrei Fishing have been held in Svolvær. Over the course of these years the interest for the competion has grown to the point where it is now a race to get tickets to participate. Therefore, it's important to plan well ahead to be able to participate and get accommodation. It is common to book rooms and sign up the very day that the dates for next year's event is fixed. 2014 saw a peak with a total catch of 75 tonnes of fish over the two days.

The Lofotcup and WC of Skrei Fishing 2016 will be held 24. and 25. of march 2017. Both competitions will open their registration during fall 2017.